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Little Bums Diaper Salve
Little Bums Diaper Salve
Made On Acorn Hill

Little Bums Diaper Salve

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Essential oils: lavender, chamomile, rose 

Herbs: calendula, comfrey, plantain 

Little Bums is anything but little when it comes to rescuing tiny bottoms from rashes and soothing even the most irritated delicate skin.  The soothing relief of herbs gathered to calm irritated bottoms and repair damaged skin is almost instant.  And most of the time within a day, we've noticed the angry rashes on our babies' bums begin to return to normal. 

Other uses: chafing for athletes, acne/problem skin


organic herbs infused with extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, essential oils, vitamin e
We use simply the best ingredients we can find.  We source organic dried herbs, pure extra virgin olive oil and local Tennessee beeswax.  We infuse the herbs in olive oil under low heat for an extended time.  

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