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About Us


It all started with a conversation over lunch in the fall of 2010, when we discovered that we were both planning to give handmade, homemade gifts for Christmas. We decided it would be much more fun to make our gifts together, and after discussing lots of ideas, we decided on goat milk soap. We gave our three batches of soap away to friends and family that Christmas, and pretty soon, people started asking us if they could buy more soap. Initially, we told everyone that we didn’t sell our soap, and we had already given it all away anyway! But as more people asked, we began to consider the possibility… what if we made more soap?

So, from a mutual desire in both of our hearts to give handmade, homemade gifts at Christmas and a desire for natural products for our own families came this business that we named Made On Acorn Hill. If you’re wondering where the name came from, it’s a combination of our two street names, since this all started in our kitchens! 

Although MOAH has outgrown our kitchens, home is still our favorite place to be.  Most of our days are filled with homeschooling, gardening, cooking, and teenage drivers. As our children have gotten older, they have become more than product testers - they have become part of the process of creating, making, packaging and shipping.  

Made On Acorn Hill started as an overflow of the lives of two mamas and their families that has grown organically into what it still is today.