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Baby Acorn Gift Set
Made On Acorn Hill

Baby Acorn Gift Set

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Our Baby Acorn Gift Set includes two salves and a soap that were made especially for our youngest, most delicate customers - our children!  

A long time ago, we decided we needed a better diaper salve not only to calm irritated little bums but to soothe the pain too.  We also needed an all purpose first aid salve that would cover all the other bumps, bites and boo boos they would pick up along the way.  And, of course, little ones are messy so we needed an extremely gentle, moisturizing soap, unscented and uncolored, to clean them up each night.  

Two of our best selling salves + our most original soap in a cute little bag - the perfect baby gift! 

Each set includes: 
Little Bums Diaper Salve
Mama's Kiss First Aid Salve 
Baby Acorn Goat Milk Soap

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