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Lavender Buckwheat Pillow
Made On Acorn Hill

Lavender Buckwheat Pillow

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If ever there were a way to relax instantly, this might be it. 

First, it's the scent. Lavender + Balsam Fir, oh my. 

Then, the light, softness of buckwheat + lavender flowers & balsam fir inside soft flannel fabric that allows for this pillow to shaped to whatever area you need it. 

And, finally, 30 seconds to a minute in the microwave to warm your pillow up beckons you to relaxation bliss. Or, toss it in the freezer to use as a cool pack!

Now made with a removable, washable cover. 
organic buckwheat hulls, organic lavender flowers, balsam fir, organic orris root, lavender essential oil

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