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Winter Soap
Made On Acorn Hill

Winter Soap

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Essential oils: pine needle, fir needle 

Herbs: thyme 

We made Winter Soap not only to look like a tree covered in snow, but to give us the smell of evergreens that are so synonymous of the little green trees we bring inside each holiday season and decorate with lights and ornaments.  There are few things that smell like winter as much as a pine tree or fir tree! 



Size: approximately 4oz. 

olive, coconut and palm oils (saponified), goat milk, essential oils
We believe in making our soap in small batches, 60 bars at a time. We like to say that haste makes waste, so we would rather keep up our quality than to sacrifice it for quantity. You can rest assured that each bar is made with integrity and love, knowing we see it all the way from the gathering in of excellent ingredients to the wrapping of each bar by hand.

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