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Bulletproof Latte

*originally published 9/1/2016*


We like coffee.

On Acorn Hill, when we’re mixing up products old or new, brainstorming or responding to emails, and especially when paying bills and taxes, you’ll find coffee nearby.  If we’re together “just being friends,” we’re most likely drinking coffee.  If you follow us on Instagram, you may remember the lengths we’ll go to for coffee when we’re camping and forget to pack the grinder. 

Ashley and I are both surprised that even after all this time of drinking coffee, each fresh cup still makes us feel like we’re having a special treat, and we get excited about it every time… so we nicknamed it “vacation in a cup.”

Surprisingly, you’ll rarely find my mug completely empt: I never want to drink the last bit… I just don’t want my vacation in a cup to end.  But then I’m left with a cold inch or so in the bottom of the mug that I usually don’t drink.  It makes no sense, but I’ve accepted this quirk.

So to say we like coffee… I guess it’s an understatement.

We’ve gone through a coffee prep evolution over the years. We used to sweeten with raw sugar, then moved to honey as a sweetener with our cream. Now we use simply cream.  Good, strong, dark coffee with a splash of rich cream:  pure and simple.  Mmmm.

To add anything to that pure simplicity feels like messing with a good thing, and our morning cup stays pure like that, but lately I’ve been enjoying my afternoon coffee a little differently…


Early mornings find me sneaking around my house on my tiptoes, trying to keep the kids’ supersonic ears from realizing that mama is awake.  [No matter how early we get up, they KNOW, don’t they?!? HOW do they do that?!?]  I’m usually doing a little eye yoga as I blink and squeeze my eyes shut and stretch them wide open again in an effort to shake off the night fog, and mornings don’t leave me feeling very “experimental” where my caffeination is concerned.

I just want my trustworthy faithful friend – my “vacation in a cup” of dark roast, brewed strong in a French press.  I know it starts the day off just right every time, and I’m in no mood for shenanigans.

But in the afternoons, I’ve gotten a little experimental.


You’ve probably heard of Bulletproof Coffee, so that’s where this experimenting started – the addition of coconut oil and butter to the coffee adds omegas and healthy fats to your cup of joe.  Adding in whey protein creates a fluffy froth and makes it a Bulletproof Latte.

I do like to try new foods, and I’m into eating things that some people might call weird – things like green smoothies and orange turmeric slushes and rose tonic water and lavender in anything that I can drop it into.  I’m accustomed to adding coconut oil into my diet in creative ways, but dropping it into my coffee along with a pat of butter – I’ll admit – I thought it was crazy.

The result?  A rich, satisfying, creamy, indulgent, latte* that you can feel good about drinking.

*DISCLAIMER:  If you and your taste buds are used to a whole milk latte concoction loaded with sugary-syrup, the following recipes may disappoint.  However, if you want a coffee beverage with ingredients that fuel your body, tell your taste buds to give this a chance – you might knock out the afternoon slump and find yourself feeling… oh, I don’t know… “bulletproof.”

All recipes start with 12 oz coffee + 1 T butter + 1 T coconut oil.

Mix all ingredients in a blender (the Vitamix froths this so well!) or with an immersion blender.

Sea Salt Caramel Mocha

1 T chocolate whey protein

1/2 Tablespoon cocoa powder

1/8 tsp caramel extract

a pinch of sea salt


1 T vanilla whey protein

1 tsp vanilla extract

Vanilla Caramel

1 T vanilla whey protein

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/8 tsp caramel extract

Pumpkin Spice

1 T vanilla whey protein

1 T pumpkin

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice (or 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp ginger, 1/8 tsp allspice, 1/8 tsp nutmeg)

1/2 tsp Watkins pumpkin pie extract (optional)

Chocolate-covered Almond

1 T chocolate whey protein

1/2 T cocoa

1/4 tsp almond extract

1/2 tsp vanilla

Mexican Chocolate

1 T chocolate whey protein

1/2 T cocoa

1/4 tsp cinnamon


In case you’re wondering:

  • The coffee shirt comes from Sly Fox Threads.  Sly Fox Threads is a husband&wife-run business with lots of great shirts.
  • The brand of whey protein we use is Vital Whey – it can be ordered from Amazon or Azure Standard.  We like this one because it’s a 100% natural protein supplement and is made using a low-heat, flash pasteurization to retain the most nutrients.

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